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Three Golf Swing Secrets - The three most important parts of the golf swing - Discover three secrets that will make you a better golfer - Flat left wrist, straight plane line, and lagging clubhead.

Golf Swing Biomechanics Part 1 - How to make a perfect golf swing every time - Improve your golf swing with these tips on using the proper grip and posture when addressing the ball.

Golf Swing Biomechanics Part 2 - How to improve your golf score with the correct club components when addressing the ball - Correct ball position means the club shaft should lean forward at impact.

Golf Swing Biomechanics Part 3 - Aim and alignment tips - For the best swing, set the clubface square or perpendicular to the target line first - Then set your feet, knees, hips, and shoulders parallel to the target line.

Golf Swing Biomechanics Part 4 - How to determine the length of arc on your backswing that's best for you - Which pre-shot factors to consider before every shot - Visualizing the shot and ball flight.

Golf Swing Biomechanics Part 5 - In depth analysis of the biomechanics of the golf swing - How to improve your backstroke - How to address the ball correctly every time.

Perfect Posture - Understand how your posture affects your swing mechanics - Quick tips for improving your swing by improving your posture - Focus on knees, back, and shoulders.

Perfect Posture Part 2 - The correct posture for holding a golf club - The quick posture setup to use during your round - How to adjust your posture for different clubs.

One Piece Takeaway - The one piece takeaway movement - How to do your backswing in one continuous motion for peak impact force - Concept of retaining natural movement in your golf swing.

One Piece Takeaway Part 2 - The one-piece takeaway movement - Improve your posture and improve your swing - Practice exercises for developing the right golf swing posture.

Alignment Tips - The Most Important Lesson in Golf - How to properly square up before you address the ball - Tips on proper alignment of your swing.

Golf Instruction Basics - Advice on getting back to the basics of golf basics - Simple methods of learning golf that anyone can use.

Body Movement - Controlled body movement is the key essential for your golf game - Control your body and use your natural rhythms when you swing.

Controlling The Golf Club - The left hand controls the clubface and the right hand controls the clubhead - The clubshaft controls the plane.

Golf Swing Mechanics - How To Improve Very Quickly - For maximum results work on improving both strength and flexibility.

How To Build Your Golf Swing - The Golfing Machine - How to build your golf swing so that you automatically strike the ball correctly every single time - Golfing tips and great advice.

Golf Swing Phases - Phases Of Your Tee-off, Putt, Or Any Other Swing - How to improve your golf game with these easy golfing tips.

Golf Swing Basics - The Basics of Golf - Five basics that you must know about your golf swing - Learn about hinge action, centrifugal force and inclined plane.

Mirror Image -  Improve your golf swing in the mirror - Ten minutes a day of practicing your swing in front of a mirror will produce dramatic results.

Increase Swing Power - Five surefire ways to build a more powerful and pain-free golf game - How to add power and distance to your swing.

Perfect Your Golf Swing - Improve your golf game by perfecting your swing - The secret is to improve with perfect practice.

Golf Swing Components - Lower your golf score by focusing on these four golf swing components - Stance, swing, contact & follow-through.

Best Golf Swing - The best golf swing for your golf game evolves over time - Why what works best this year may not be the best swing for you next year.

Shot Tips

How To Fix Your Shank - Advice on how to correct your swing to avoid shanking the ball - What a shanked shot is and how to fix your shank - Easy practice method to keep your club vertical at impact.

How To Play A Water Hazard - The best way to play a water hazard is to ignore it - Trying to loft a ball over the water causes you to top the ball and hit it directly into the water.

The Most Important Golf Shot - Discover which golf shot is the most important - Ben Hogan favored the initial tee shot - Harvey Penick favored the putt - Which do you think is the most important?

Putting Tips - Golf tips on how to putt - Use plumb bobbing to check your line - Improve your feel by practicing with your eyes shut - Advice on how to judge speed and break on different greens.

Driving Tips - Improve your golf game with four driving tips - Golf swing tips for getting more distance and accuracy off the tee.

Short Game - Your golf swing is good enough - Focus on your short game and your putting - Lower your golf score through mental focus and short game improvement.

Bunker Shots - How to hit out of fairway bunkers and greenside bunkers with ease - Quick tips on how to hold the club and the best swing angles.

Information Overload - Avoid information overload - Master the basics first before trying the latest swing advice.

Controlled Body Movement - Controlled body movement is the key essential component of your golf game - Tips on how to move when you swing your club.

Golf Putting Tips - Great putting tips to lower your score - Five ways to save a stroke every hole.

Golf Vacations

Myrtle Beach Golf Courses - Short descriptions of dozens of Myrtle Beach golf courses - Take a quick peak before you golf Myrtle Beach.

Costa del Sol Golf Courses - Quick tips on the best golfing vacation in Spain - Costa del Sol is a great golf vacation destination with cheap flights, premier courses, and sunny weather.

Desert Golf - A Walk on the Wild Side - How to play a desert course - The hazards aren't water, but they are certainly just as challenging as a regular golf course.

Golf Course History - Play the oldest golf course in the world - Discover the pleasures of golfing in Scotland at a public course even older than St. Andrews.

Costa Rica Golf Vacation: Golf in the Wild - Learn more about six great Costa Rican golf courses where you can enjoy the golf vacation of a lifetime.

Portugal Golf Vacation - Golfing in the Algarve - Enjoy a Portugal golf vacation for half the price you would pay elsewhere - Vacation and golf in Portugal and enjoy 24 scenic golf courses.

Hilton Head Golf Vacation - Hilton Head Island is Golf Heaven - Enjoy a Hilton Head golf vacation on a beautiful island where you can play year round - Rent a villa and get in the swing of things.

Ireland Golf Vacation - Ireland Golf Vacations - Top tips for your dream Ireland Golf Vacation - Places to go and recommended courses to play.

Scottsdale Golf Vacation - Take a Scottsdale Golf Vacation - Learn more about desert golf courses around Scottsdale Arizona that are fun and challenging in a unique way.

Myrtle Beach Golf - Myrtle Beach Golf - Quality & Quantity - Advice on golf courses to play in Myrtle Beach and the surrounding area.

Best Golf Courses - The worlds elite golf courses - The top ten courses for golfing - Compare your favorites with the expert's picks.

Golfing Workouts

Golfing Lessons - A Golf Lesson Isnít Always The Answer - Learn more about getting your body in shape to reinforce the biomechanics of your golf swing, not work against you.

Golfer's Diet - Learn more about improving your golfing by staying hydrated - Keep energized by eating right before, during, and after your round.

Workout - Improve your golf game with a rotational workout that includes resistance training - How the pros workout to improve their game.

Exercise - Exercising in the off-season will improve your game and lower your score - Simple golfing exercise tips.

Golf Exercise Tips - 5 Sure Fire Ways to Build a more Powerful and Pain-FREE Golf Game - Exercise tips for getting stronger and more limber to improve your game.

Back Pain Tips - Back To Golf - Learn how to prevent back pain from golfing or eliminate back pain quickly with these tips.

Strength Training - Facts and Fallacies of Strength Training for Golf - Discover how strength training can quickly improve your game without restricting your flexibility.

Foot Power for Golf - Discover how strengthening your ankles improves your golf game - Simple exercises to increase swing distance and power.

Golf Stretch - How A Simple Golf Stretch Can Add 20 Yards To Your Drives - Two simple stretches you can do that will add distance and increase the accuracy of your drives.

Golf and Yoga - Yogalates for Golf - Learn more about yoga stretches and how they can improve your golf game - Try Yogalates for golf.


Golf Clubs & Accessories

Buying Custom Golf Clubs - The basics of buying custom golf clubs - Overview of club components - Advice from a custom golf club maker.

Buying Golf Clubs - Tips on buying the right golf clubs for your specific needs - Differences between graphite shafts and steel shafts.

Clone Golf Clubs - Clone clubs can save you a ton of money - Tips on what to look for in clone golf clubs and the best places to buy them.

Golf Club Clones - Where to find the best deals on clone golf clubs - Compare price and features on golf club clones and save big.

Clone Clubs - The Reason Why Clone Golf Clubs Are Worth It - Get the same quality and performance improvement in your new golf clubs at a much lower cost.

Golf Club Components - Golf club components are very important in selecting the right clubs - Learn about shafts, clubheads, and the differences between golf club components.

Selecting Clubs - Are your golf clubs stunting your potential? - Selecting the right golf clubs for your size and skill level.

Choosing The Right Golf Clubs  - Tips for selecting the right golf clubs for your size, strength and skill level.

Custom Golf Clubs - What are custom golf clubs - Learn more about how custom clubs are made and why using a custom club maker is better than buying your golf clubs off the shelf.

Discount Golf Clubs - Where can I get a discount golf club - Learn about the best sites for discount golfing equipment - How to select quality golf clubs at a substantial discount.

Pre-Owned Clubs - Start with a pre-owned set of golf clubs - Learn golf without spending a lot of money on new golf clubs - Practice with used clubs until you know exactly what clubs you like.

Golf Club Grips - Why you need to replace your golf club grips often - How to regrip your golf clubs - Learn how to do golf club grips yourself.

Replacing Golf Grips - 5 Easy Steps To Replacing Your Golf Grips - How to replace your grips yourself - Easy club maintenance tips.

Golf Grip Secrets - Improve your golf game by learning the secrets of the golf club grip - How the right golf grip can dramatically lower your score.

Graphite Shafts - The four aspects of graphite shafts for golf clubs - Learn the importance of torque, weight, flex and kick point in graphite shafts.

Golf Bags - The truth about buying golf bags - How to save big money by buying your next golf bag online.

Golf Balls - Why Nike One golf balls are the best - Tips on what to look for in a golf ball - Where to buy golf balls online.

Selecting Golf Balls - What A Load Of Golf Balls - How to select the right golf balls for your level of play - Which balls work best for average golfers.

Discount Golf Balls - Where Can I find Discount Golf Balls - Recommendations for where to find used golf balls and discounted new ones at great prices.

Golf Gifts - Where to find the best golf gifts online - Best online shops for golf gifts, games, apparel, souvenirs and more.

Golf Gifts for Men - Six great ideas for a golf gift for your man - Golfing gifts for any budget that are great for any occasion.

Golf Equipment Ė The Most Expensive Is Not Always Correct For You - Learn how to improve your golf game without overspending on golfing equipment.

Golf Club Buying Tips - Are your golf clubs stunting your potential - Tips on buying your next set of clubs.

Buying Used Golf Clubs - Beginning or novice golfers should start with a pre-owned set of golf clubs - Tips on how to find a great deal on used clubs.


Playing Golf

History Of Golf - Who Invented The Game Of Golf - Read about how golfing evolved from an early game called colf in Holland - England and Scotland improved upon colf to create golf.

Beating Tiger Woods - The Secret To Beating Tiger Woods At Golf - Why being the best at any one aspect of the game isn't as valuable as just being very good at every aspect of golf.

Getting Started - Simple tips on how to get started at playing golf - Why you shouldn't buy any clubs right away - Lessons from a certified pro are the best investment you can make.

Mental Secrets - Improve your golf game by thinking positive thoughts - Prove it to yourself with a simple muscle checking demonstration.

Golfing Mental Tips - One Wrong Thought You MUST Eliminate From Your Golf Swing - Mental tips for improving your golf swing.

Golfing Secrets - Secrets to Better Golf - Mental discipline can greatly improve your golf game by focusing on the desired outcome of each shot.

Purpose Driven Golf - The importance of knowing what you are trying to achieve when you play golf can increase your enjoyment of your round.

Golf Life Lessons - The Top 10 Life Lessons Your Child Can Learn from Playing Golf - Learn how golfing makes you a better person.

Golfing Discounts - How To Get Discount Golf Fees - Tips on how to get lower greens fees and discounts on cart rentals - Golf discount cards for Myrtle Beach, South Florida, and more.

Winter Golfing Tips - Ice Golf - Are you cool enough? - Learn about golfing in winter and playing at the Ice Golf Championships in Greenland.

Year 2000 - Golfing Article: Amazing 1892 Golf Novel Predicted Bullet Trains, TV and More

Golf Addict - Are you addicted to playing golf? - Enjoy the health benefits of playing golf, but don't get too worked up that you're not as good as the pros.

Golf Terms - Quick descriptions of popular golf terms.

Planning A Charity Golf Tournament - Tips on putting together your own charity golf tournament - Nonprofits can raise big donations by planning a charity golf event.

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