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"What you should know about buying golf bags."

There are many different types of golf bags. You've got your basic cart bag, travel bag, stand bag, skinny bags, deluxe bags, collegiate bags, logo bags, and hundreds of golf bag choices within each category. Let's take a look at the main categories in selecting a golf bag.

Cart Bags
Cart bags are full-sized and designed for use almost exclusively with golf carts. They are oversized and quite heavy, often weighing more than fifteen pounds without clubs..

Generally, you wouldn't want to carry one of these much farther than the parking lot to the clubhouse.

Travel Bags
With the changes in air travel in the last few years, these have evolve from the original soft cover slip-on bags to a hard-shell enclosure designed to protect clubs from damage or theft.

Most include space for stowing your golf shoes and other related items along with your clubs.

Stand Bags
Stand bags are the ultimate for carrying or cart-pulling use. Lightweight models have been introduced that now weigh far less than four pounds!

These golf bags include a telescoping pair of legs to prop the bag in an upright position when you set it down on the course. That's a handy feature that allows you to withdraw your clubs smoothly and quickly, no matter where you are on the course.

Skinny Bags
These bags are designed for carrying a minimum selection of clubs. They don't include telescoping legs or much in the way of storage compartments, but they are extremely lightweight. Some models weigh less than 1.5 pounds!

Skinny golf bags are often collapsible for convenient storage when not in use. They are only slightly larger than six inches across at the top.

Deluxe Bags
These golf bags are walking advertising, just like the pros use. You can proudly sport the logo of your brand prominently displayed for everyone to see.

Usually, these bags are oversized and bulging with storage compartments. Most of these oversized, overweight bags have prices upwards of two hundred dollars, so they are definitely for the country club status seekers.

Collegiate Bags
These golf bags are popular with alumni as a way of showing off their collegiate ties. Often available in school colors, these custom bags are all about school spirit.

They are generally standard-sized cart bags, but some models are available in skinny versions.

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