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"The truth about golf club grips - They wear out quickly."

Grips are the least expensive yet one of the most important parts of a golf club. Our most important advice at Pinemeadow Golf is CHANGE YOUR GOLF GRIPS OFTEN.

Grips tend to oxidize, harden, get slick, and LOSE THEIR GRIP over time.

It is a two edged sword the grips with the best grip are usually the grips that lose their grip the fastest.

So, we have taken a position that attempts to cut it both ways. We buy the highest quality grips that have a greater than normal longevity, but not the absolute highest grip factor.

This way, if you don't re-grip when you are supposed to at least you will have good grips. But, we do recommend re-gripping often it will have a positive effect on your game.

It's just like changing the oil in your car. Only every six months or 3,000 rounds. We also allow you to select from an excellent variety of custom upgrades for your grips.

Replacing Golf Grips - 5 Easy Steps To Replacing Your Golf Grips - How to replace your grips yourself - Easy club maintenance tips.

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