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"Improve your game by wearing the right golf shoes for your feet."

Golf shoes have come a long way in the last few years, sporting technological advancements that outshine even the latest basketball shoes. Golf shoes now sport ventilated panels, cushioned undersoles, breathable leather, torsion control, stabilized midsoles, ultralight construction, moisture-wicking capabilities, and hitting platform stabilization.

Major players in golf shoe manufacturing include Nike, adidas, FootJoy, Bite, Callaway, Ecco, and Oakley. These manufacturers are now making major fashion statements suitable to the younger generation as well as providing the traditional styles favored by older golfers.

You can wear anything on the course these days from golf sandals to saddle shoes. Colors range from bone white to jet black with many models sporting a two-tone look, prominent logos, removable spikes, and more. Best thing to do is browse all the styles online and pick out your new favorite golf shoes!

Buy golf shoes online:

Golf Shoes Plus - Great site specializing in just golf shoes. Easy search tool and fast picture display.

Austad's Golf - They've been serving golfers for over 40 years and have a fabulous selection of golf shoes, clothing, shirts, pants, shorts, socks, jackets, gloves, etc. in their online store. Highly recommended!

Golf Outlets USA - Great bargains on everything golf-related. Excellent deals on golfing shoes.

Golfsmith - Great selection of all types of golf shoes. Also carries everything from t-shirts to rain jackets, caps to sweaters, polo shirts to leather goods, and more.


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